We offer a lineup of products for Intravascular Treatment (IVR). Our range includes Catheter Markers, Blade Wires, and more. 

Explore our diverse portfolio designed to support and enhance healthcare outcomes.

Catheter Marker Ring

Catheter Marker Rings are crucial components in medical procedures. 

They are small, radiopaque markers placed on catheters to provide visibility under imaging techniques like fluoroscopy.This allows healthcare professionals to accurately position the catheter within the body during intravascular treatments. 

Our marker rings are designed for precision, reliability, and safety, contributing to effective and efficient patient care.

 Material   Pt, Ptlr  -  Platinum90% and Iridium10%

                              (Consultation available for Au, SUS, etc.)

 Dimensions  : The dimensions are basically less than φ3.0mm. We will confirm your requirements for outer diameter, thickness, and length, and propose the optimal solution.

Catheter Marker Wire <Platinum Tungsten Wire>


 Material Available  : Platinum92% and Tungsten8%

                                                                           Dimensions  : xxxxxx










 Material Available  : Silver-plated round steel

                                                                           Dimensions  : xxxxxx

Braid wire for catheter

Braid wires are used to reinforce catheter tubes, and there is a demand for high strength and ultra-fine wires. In addition, precious metal pipes such as platinum are used to visualize the tip of the catheter in catheter treatment performed while irradiating X-rays.

Specifically, the following types are available:

 Material Available  : 

Pt, Ptlr  -  Platinum90% and Iridium10%

Silver-plated round steel wire

Gold-plated tungsten wire

                                                                    SUS304 round wire

                                                                    Flat tungsten wire

                                                                           Dimensions  : xxxxxx